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Dan Devine’s sculptures, installations and photographs explore the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. His current work is preoccupied with questions concerning space reversal as a means to explore our relationship to technology and nature. A former professional motorcycle racer, Devine brings creative tinkering and conceptual rigor to his work while redefining the spectator’s relationship to internal volumes. Notable projects include his Inside Out Car pieces and concrete castings of the space between crashed vehicles after impact. Dan Devine is Chair of the Sculpture Department at Hofstra University where he is also the Director of the Rosenberg Gallery. For over four decades, his work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums and has been reviewed in major publications. Recent exhibitions include: Inside Out Nascar at Icehouse Project Space September 8, 2018 and Dan Devine - Impact at Thompson Giroux Gallery, Spring 2019. 



Dan Devine
Impact 2019

Impact marks a collision. Often it results from the colliding of objects, but impacts can occur between cultures, philosophies, financial strategies or changing natural environments. Impact usually relates to something we have done. With each new collision, we rush to mediate and minimize the effects, as if in an effort to keep change from taking place.

The plaster castings shown here are records of the impacts of cars accidently coming together. The folds, dents, rips and slices all occurred upon a violent, chaotic and piercing impact. In contrast, the castings are quiet records; formed by the slow flow of suspended plaster, seeping into the folds and crevasses between the damaged car parts. The pieces are remnants of remnants. Their forms gently occur rather than being shaped or forged.

These remnants recall the manner in which pieces of glaciers break off and fall into the sea. They are the passive results of a warming atmosphere colliding with the leading end of a creeping glacier.

Glaciers move slowly, their growth so undetectable that we expect them to be eternal. We have named the chunks that break off “calves”. Calving has been naturally producing icebergs for thousands of centuries.

Impact usually seems to be more associated with things on a human time-scale. Two cars swerve out of control and crash. Glaciers can’t keep up with the effects of our impact-oriented sensibility.



MFA, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY



2019                ImpactThompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2018                Dan Devine: Inside Out NASCARIcehouse project Space, Sharon, CT

2017-07           Sheep Farm, A living sculptural installation, The Fields Sculpture ParkOmi, Ghent, NY

2011                Dan Devine, Inside Out CarsArt in Buildings, Time Equities, New York, NY

2010                Dan DevineIncident Report, Hudson, NY

2006                Inside Out NASCARPierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2003                Dan Devine,Hofstra Museum, Hempstead, NY

2002                This conversation may be recorded for training purposesPierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2001                Davis and Hall Gallery, Hudson, NY

1998                Inside Out Car, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1993                MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, Public Art Fund Commission, Outdoor Sculpture

1992                Solid SpaceDooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, New York, NY

1991                Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT



2018                En Masse 2018Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2018                True NorthLABspace, Hillsdale, NY

2017                En Masse 2017Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2015                FoodshedCR-10 Arts, curated by Amy Lipton, Hudson, NY

2015                FusioneraThompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2014                En MasseThompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2014                Search PortraitThompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2014                Pierogi TwentiethPierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013                UnhingedPierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2012-13           Green AcresContemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH, American University Museumand the Arlington Art Center, Arlington, VA

2012                Abstract & ConcreteThompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2011                Opening ExhibitionThompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY

2011                Twin Twin Postcard EditionPierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2006                Eat My DustSouth Eastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC

2005                ModifiedThe Arts Center, Troy, NY

2004                Pierogi A Go-GoPierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                        Working in BrooklynBrooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

2001-03           Surrounding Interiors: Views Inside the Car, curated by Judith Hoos Fox, Davis Museum, Wellesley, MA.  Exhibition traveled to Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL and TheFrederick R. Weisman Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

2000               Five Sculptors, Outdoor Sculpture Exhibitioncurated by Joe Amrhein, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY 

2000               Mis-UnderstandingBegane Grond, Utrecht, Holland

2000               Endless Tangibility, Landscape Sculpture Commission, Almere, Holland



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Dan Devine is Professor of Fine Arts and Sculpture in the department of Fine Arts at Hofstra University. He is the director of the Rosenberg Gallery at Hofstra University.

Dan Devine is a Member of the Board of Directors at Art Omi International Artists Residency in Ghent, NY.

He is a resident of Columbia County, Ghent, NY


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