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What relationship does love have to freedom?

While drawing one day, this question formed in my consciousness. I had just started working with incarcerated populations through the California Arts Council, Artist in Residency program.

Working with incarcerated people, I am always faced with how differently they are perceived by the outside world from how I have come to see them. The quality of my teaching experience with people in prisons cannot compare with my teaching experiences at universities. Those who have lost their freedom understand the need and power of art.

To teach in the art room at San Quentin Prison is to experience a group collectively striving for transcendence. We begin at 8:00am. We work until they are called for count at 4:00pm. No one takes a break. No one wants to. Art matters here.

The answer to my question is elegantly stated in a quote from Toni Morrison: “The function of freedom is to free someone else.” What does this say about our criminal justice system and our democracy? The incarcerated have met hardships often generational, with courage, generosity and strength. They are like a species living on the edge of sustainability. Life’s stress has them searching, adapting, changing. So much so, that I have never before encountered a group that brings so much imagination to lack - a rare and vital skill.

Dr. Jason Clay of the World Wildlife Fund has said: “We will not solve our environmental problems unless we solve our social and economic ones.” With that in mind, what if we made prison reform part of reparations and the Green New Deal? I say this not only because it is right to free many of the incarcerated, but also because we need them. Their hard won skills may be what we need in the new challenges we face.

The power of art is in making us see anew. See with me. Change with me. We have work to do.

Beth Thielen 2019.


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