Barry Gerson


1970 Museum of Modern Art (NYC) one man show
1971 Guggenheim Museum (NYC) one man show
1973-77 Taught filmmaking- Bard College, Edinboro State College, S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, Univ. Wisconsin.
1974 American Film Institute- grant in film
1974 American Film Festival “Film As Art”- group show
1975 Montreaux Film Exhibition “New Forms in Film 1974”
1976 Hirshhorn Museum- group show
1977 La Cinematheque Francais, France “Une Histoire Du Cinema”
1975 Anthology Film Archives- Film retrospective
1976 Whitney Museum of Art (NYC) one man show film sculpture
1976 Center National D’Art…Pompidou Museum, “Une Histoire Du Cinema”
1977 “A History of the American Avant-Garde Cinema” show
1978 Museum of Modern Art (NYC) one man show- films
1979 CAPS- fellowship in Mixed Media
1978 Whitney Museum of Art- one man show- films
1977-92 Rhode Island School of Design- Taught film and film sculpture.
1978 Albright-Knox Gallery (Buffalo) one man show- films.
1978 Leo Castelli Gallery (NYC) “Film/Video Works 1976-1978”
1979 Hudson River Museum (NY) Mixed media installation.
1979 P.S. 1 (NYC) Film sculpture- installation
1979 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Humlebaek, Denmark) Group show.
1980 Jugoslovenska Kinemtek (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) group show
1980 Moderna Museet (Sweden)”The Pleasure Dome”, American Experimental Film.
1981 Whitney Museum of Art, Biennial exhibition
1981 Portland Art Museum (Portland, Or.). group show
1982 Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, Holland) group show
1982 CAPS- fellowship in filmmaking
1982 Laguna Gloria Art Museum (Austin, TX.) group show
1983 Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC) Biennial exhibition.
1983 P.S. 1 (L.I. City, N.Y.) “Films at P.S. 1” group show.
1984 Guggenheim Fellowship- filmmaking and film sculpture
1984 Kuntsmuseum of Bern (Switzerland) group show.
1985 Museum of Modern Art (NYC) one man show
1985 Long Beach Museum of Art (Calif.) group show- film sculpture
1985 National Endowment For The Arts- fellowship - Media Arts.
1986 Staten Is.Institute of Arts Sciences- film sculpt. - one man show
1986 Millennium (NYC) “20th Anniversary Year” Group show.
1989 Centro Luigi Pecci (Italy) group show
1989 Filmoteca Valenciana (Spain) group show
1991 Museum of Modern Art (NYC) “Millennium; 25 Years” group show
1991 Anthology Film Archives (NYC) Retrospective- films, sculpture, photos.
1995 Anthology Film Archives (NYC) one man show
1999 Columbia County Film Festival (Hudson, N.Y.) one man show
2000 Whitney Museum of Art (NYC) ‘The American Century Show”
2002 Anthology Film Archives (NYC) “Barry Gerson Retrospective”
2003 “Next Wave Festival”, Brooklyn Academy of Music (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
2003 “2003 Toronto Film Festival” (Toronto, Canada)
2006 Museum d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
2006 Emerson Gallery of Hamilton College (Clinton, N.Y.) group show
2007 “Chris Piazza- The Pictures”, Tria Gallery (New York, N.Y.).
2007 La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain) group show
2008 Berlin Film Festival (Berlin, Germany) Expanded Forum Program.
2009 The New York Film Festival (NYC)
2010 22nd Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival (Chicago, Il.)
2011 Albany Institute of History & Art (Albany, N.Y.). Mohawk-Hudson Regional Video Installation
2012 Museum of Imagination (Hudson, N.Y.). Mixed painting-photo works. Group show
2013 Drawn Away, Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY
2014 En Masse, Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY
2015 Fusionera, Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY
2015 Mohawk Hudson Region Juried Exhibition, University Art Museum, University at Albany, NY

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Paintings with Photographic Elements
My paintings incorporate many of the ideas from my work in film, sculpture, and photographic constructions. They sit on the edge of abstraction and representation. I’m interested in exploring color (emotions open up the pathway to soul awareness), light (substance of the soul), texture (to visually feel, to touch with ones eyes), space (dimensional vs. flat, etc.), implied motion, and scale among other formal aspects in order to create an emotionally charged space in which the forms are felt to have sculptural presence. Ultimately I hope to generate a metaphysical, spiritual energy space in the mind. The color forms should be perceived to vibrate because of the combination of implied motion and the “correct” color and shade of color. I see my palette as ever expanding- hue and shade being the determining factors. What color isn’t beautiful when you have the right shade- there’s red and there’s red! I start with a drawing in which I have in mind just the broadest of structures, i.e. a cluster of forms floating on a color field. My feelings, at the time of beginning, determine the progress of the line. I proceed by way of serendipity- plugged into the universe- which I fully trust. The colors that I use for the painted parts are determined by my color decisions for the photographic elements and by the feeling I get from the drawing. The photographs assist in the sense that perspective is somewhat whacky, that the piece seems “wrong”, but is somehow right. I delight in causing contradictions. Other examples being the use of smooth surfaced photographic elements, which show textural subject matter from the physical world. Another is to have that material bumping up against pure color forms- which are not so pure- right? (6-2013)

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