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Line and Color


Visiting Artists


Thompson Giroux Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture titled “Line and Color”. The title reflects a point of convergence that emanates through the individual artists' consideration of subject matter, technique and materials. Color and line are handled with expertise and thoughtful manipulation of process thus creating a language of time and place, a conversation of the past with the present. It is through this dialogue that we are introduced to the poetic passages of Emily Cheng. Working with fragile gestures of natural, historical and spiritual fragments that are blended together to convey her unique vision. This same conviction to translate time and place through color and line is found in Jean Feinberg's non-objective minimalist and abstract language. Feinberg uses salvaged wood and complex color to form works that are “decisively influenced” by her move to the Hudson Valley, cool, clear and meditative. Tom Hope's large evocative oil painting both obeys and rebels against realistic line and color, the representational and the surreal. David Paulson strives toward the unknown, combining formalist concerns with a dedication to composition and a fearless use of color and paint. Paulson looks to restructure the way we process and understand familiar form by "letting go" of traditional boundaries and limitations of understanding. While Michael Tong brings the past and the present together in watercolors reminiscent of traditional Chinese landscape paintings interrupted by symbols of modern life. His sculpture, a series of well crafted steel portraits that hang from heavy chains, are quite literally carrying the weight and baggage of historical reference, combined with a keen sense of humor to contemporary "bling".

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