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Outside Inside features the modernist sculptures of Roger Philips juxtaposed against landscape paintings in oil and acrylic. These six artists find a common thread in this most fundamental of subject: the landscape we interact with. Each artists having their own unique perspective and motivations communicate the mood and atmosphere of a particular place and time, Emotionally wrought, yet grounded in traditional painting and sculpture this show confronts our perception of place and the affecting power of nature to either soothe or incite us.?Sasha Chermayeff intimate landscapes of the Catskill Creek are executed in one sitting, conveying an immediate feeling derived form the senses of the day. Frank Curran’s use of panoramic landscapes with a high vistas combine observation of naturalistic detail with lyrical fantasy these atmospheric elements like clouds and rain showers accentuate and complement the feel of his work. Mark Howie invites us into the landscape of mood as he communicated feelings of isolation and regret. Christie Scheele’s Hushed and nearly melancholic reverie juxtaposes pastoral and urban landscapes to capture the shape and condition of the emotional power of landscape Gabrielle Senza’s use of techniques for depicting light is evident in the pure light and shimmering color of her epic scene of the Berkshires hills. In the foreground we have sculptures of Roger Philips, which confront the viewer to experience the limits of their own environment These Kinetic works held together by rigid lines, whose existence allows the shapes within to move in their own orbit. As Roger says “They are not totally free. They are free within limits, as are we all

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