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Artist Reception: Saturday November 22nd, 4-6pm


The gallery walls are filled, almost floor-to-ceiling, with artwork--no room for the usual vast expanses of white wall in between. The individual pieces are small, most 6” x 6” or under, and range across every form, style, subject and media imaginable--paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, collages; figurative and abstract;  animals, faces, objects, shapes; colors, gestures, textures; wood, canvas, paper, paint, ink.  The eye doesn’t know where to look first; each piece is a world unto itself, inviting a close-up look.

EN MASSE at Thompson Giroux Gallery will be Le Salon, after the exhibitions that began in 17th century Paris -- the manner of hanging is designed to show as much work as possible.  Each artist here has been invited to include from four to eight pieces, providing a mini-show of their mini-works.  Artists who usually work larger and heavier often find that scaling down is a way to explore new ideas or media, and artists already working in smaller formats have honed their sensibilities and techniques to suit that size.   

For the novice collector, this show provides a chance to acquire original works at affordable prices, and for the seasoned collector it’s a wonderful way to discover new artists or expand upon an existing area of interest.  All pieces are ready to take home immediately, making room for new works to be rotated in, keeping the show fresh and alive.

Featuring artwork by 

Peter Acheson
Isabel Acheson
Kristin Barton
Daniela Bertol
Adam Brent
Brian Buono
Kate Butler
Benigna Chilla
John Cleater
Wayne Coe
Edgar Sanchez Cumbas
Frank Curran
Margot Curran
Tom Curran
Mary Anne Davis
Dan Devine
Jean Feinberg
Nathalie Ferrier
Jeanette Fintz
Leslie Gabosh
Marianne Gagnier
Barry Gerson
Kate Hamilton
John Hampshire
Licha Jiménez
Hiroshi Kazo
T. Klacsmann
Martha Lloyd
Rebecca Loyche
Mona Mark
Monica Miller
Donna Moylan
Joanne Orce
Jacqueline Rogers
Christie Scheele
Elliot Schneider
Carleen Sheehan
D. Jack Solomon
Helen Suter
Beth Thielen
Michael Tong
Larry Webb
Gerald Wolfe

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