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Artist Reception: Saturday January 24, 4-6pm


This exhibition calls on viewers to attempt to connect the dots and simultaneously avoid doing so. Points of reference may appear and lead you into possible scenarios that trigger unlikely intersections of scale and form. I try to stay one step ahead and behind myself as I trace form with and without reference. A memory or some nearby sound or object will help guide the direction in which I draw or cut the next line. Once a line or a few points have been made, a destination comes into view, but instinctually I take steps to derail any familiar path toward It and reset a course towards Its Other. Any vision I have of It is but a frozen moment in my space and my time that is apparently in constant flux. I produce no final vision or finished work. Nevertheless, while these may only be ‘possible’ artworks that are captured and displayed here, they are also selected artworks that request your attention.

~John Cleater, 2014

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