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Passage Path Road Route Way

Artist Reception: Saturday April 25th, 4-6pm

Owen Barensfeld
Madeleine Boga

Kyle Bradford
Luca Pearl Khosrova
Natalya Kornblum-Laudi
Zach Neven
Isabel Piazza
Jannelle Roberts
Casson Rugen
Robert W. Smith

The journey of an artist is a unique path.  There is no blueprint to show you how to build a successful career as an artist.  Make art.  Make a lot of it.  Work on it as often as you can.  ALWAYS.   Yet, still no guarantees that you will achieve the acclaim that you desire or deserve.  So be fierce.  Break rules.  Continue unabashedly to make art with seriousness in drive and commitment.  Trust yourself.  Let it fly. 

In PASSAGE PATH ROAD ROUTE WAY Thompson Giroux Gallery brings together a group of ten artists in the early stages of their careers.  Owen Barensfeld, Kyle Bradford, Natalya Kornblum-Laudi, and Zach Neven are showing photographs ranging from the physical environment to the human body.  Luca Pearl Khosrova’s work deals with the search for identity, through expectations, and archetypes;  while Casson Rugen reveals the inner spirit of his subjects following points of interest to create their true form.  Robert W. Smith’s pieces observe the interactions, cravings, and addictions at the edges of our world through a dream-filtered eye.  Jannelle Roberts drawings and prints have an investigative sensitivity with clarity of form and space.  Madeleine Boga uses her background in environmental and ecological studies to inform her multimedia pieces, while Isabel Piazza’s experience in textile and pattern design have led her to create abstract works full of shadow and texture.

These ten artists while still in the early stages of their career, show the talent and drive expected of an ARTIST. 

Thompson Giroux Gallery is located at 57 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037.

Gallery hours: Thursday - Monday 11am - 5pm, Friday 11am - 7pm

image info:
Luca Pearl Khosrova
Wrestlers, 2014
Intaglio print White Rives BFK paper
22" x 30"

Image copyright of the artist

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