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Artist Reception: Saturday June 6th, 4-6pm

Erin Beaver
Adam Brent
Dan Devine
Barry Gerson
Ned Snider
Josephine Turalba
Hazle Weatherfield
“Fusionera" is an elegant Swedish verb meaning to merge, amalgamate, combine into a whole--something all artists do, but the work in Thompson Giroux's current group show makes a point of it-- tradition rubs against the cutting edge, nostalgia is turned inside-out, and disparate elements co-exist as each artist works to create something fresh.

Erin Beaver, Barry Gerson, Ned Snider, and Hazle Weatherfield mix content and materials in layered, complex ways. Beaver's whimsically colorful ink and watercolor pieces reach below the surface into the realms of creation and life itself.  Gerson's colorful, simple montages go beyond traditional collage with his use of modern materials like plexiglass, and his concerns are emotional and spiritual as well as formal. The technical discipline of Snider's acrylic-on-linen paintings is a gateway—as he folds the visual structure of writing into the language of painting he re-purposes both.  Weatherfield makes gouache and paint look printed, turns pop culture images into visual motifs, and then sets the work loose to tell its own story.

Sculptors Adam Brent and Dan Devine combine found objects with their own constructions.  In Brent's psychological portraits familiar items change their nature in surprising ways when juxtaposed with the artist's own fabrications.  Devine assembles materials like bones, branches, and smartphones into hybrid forms that both capture and transcend our techno-natural world.

Josephine Turalba makes colorful mixed-media tapestries that deal with an issue both universal and intensely personal--gun violence. In her hands this labor-intensive, historically female art form becomes a memorial, each sewn-in bullet casing both a statement and a question.

Energy vibrates from the work in Fusionera—each artist’s strong sense of identity exerts a powerful pull, provokes curiosity, and makes the fusion of old and new come alive.


Thompson Giroux Gallery is located at 57 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037. 

Gallery hours: Thursday - Monday 11am - 5pm, Friday 11am - 7pm

Hazel Weatherfield
"Quartet 1"

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