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En Masse II

Artist Reception Saturday November 14th 4-6pm

The work of 50+ artists takes over the space at Thompson Giroux Gallery as EN MASSE II brings accessibility and affordability to contemporary art collecting.  After the successful debut of this Salon-style exhibition last year, the gallery invited even more artists to participate in 2015; the only guidelines were that the work should be new, small, and reasonably priced.  The results, in every style and medium, cover the gallery walls-- clamoring for attention and beckoning the viewer in for a closer look.

Anyone familiar with artists Thompson Giroux has shown in the past will find their favorites represented here, though they might be surprised by the work itself.  EN MASSE gives artists permission to experiment, to explore new ideas, materials, or processes, and they often rise to the challenge in unexpected ways.  The show also makes it easy to discover exciting new artists; the sheer number of pieces on view practically guarantees it.

If the idea of buying or collecting art seems intimidating, EN MASSE aims to change that--all artworks in the show may be purchased on the spot and picked up starting the day after the opening.  Art also makes a unique and thoughtful gift; the range of work and affordable prices here make that possible.

EN MASSE II serves as a launching pad in several ways—for artists looking to branch out, try new things, and reach a new audience, and for art-lovers of all kinds to discover and acquire something wonderful-- something that speaks to them.

Owen Barensfeld

Erin Beaver

Madeleine Boga

Marcel Bova

Kyle Bradford

Adam Brent

Benigna Chilla

John Cleater

Wayne Coe

Frank Curran

Margot Curran

Tom Curran

Margot Farrington

Jean Feinberg

Jeanette Fintz

Leslie Gabosh

Barry Gerson

Bart Gulley

Kate Hamilton

John Hampshire

Katrina Hude

Licha Jimenez

Hiroshi Kazo

Luca Pearl Khosrova

T. Klacsmann

Mark LaRiviere

Rebecca Loyche

Mona Mark

Tony Martin

Gwenn Mayers

Michael McKay

Donna Moylan

Hideyo Okamura

Sara Farrell Okamura

Joanne Orce

Kingsley Parker

Lily Prince

Susan Rabinowitz

Jannelle Roberts

Jim Roberts

Christie Scheele

Joel Seaman

Gabrielle Senza

Carleen Sheehan

Robert W. Smith

D. Jack Solomon

Beth Thielen

Barbara Todd

Josephine Turalba

Hazle Weatherfield

Robin Whiteman

Gerald Wolfe

Joseph Yetto

Friday, December 4th at 4:00pm
Please join us Friday, Dec 4th at 4pm as Margot Farrington reads her poems at Thompson Giroux Gallery.
Thompson Giroux Gallery is located at 57 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037.

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