Exhibition Details

Nearer the Truth

Artist Reception April 9th 4-6pm

Peter Acheson
Mark LaRiviere
Roger Phillips
Gerald Wolfe 

Please join us Saturday, April 9th from 4 - 6pm for refreshments and live jazz by Josh Connors and Otto Gardner.

Nearer the Truth at Thompson Giroux Gallery brings together four artists who have shown in the gallery before—Peter Acheson, Mark LaRiviere, Roger Phillips, and Gerald Wolfe.  This time each will be showing both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces, providing a fresh, nuanced look at their body of work. The interplay between paintings (or, in Phillips’ case, prints) and sculptures is revealing---the common language they share, the places where they diverge, the limitations and possibilities inherent in each medium and how the artist chooses to use them. Viewing an artist’s work in this context provides a unique opportunity to look deeper and develop a more rounded picture of their work.

Thompson Giroux Gallery is located at 57 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037.

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Thursday - Monday 11am - 5pm 
Friday 11am - 7pm

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