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Reception Saturday May 28th 4-6pm



May 28, 2016 – July 10, 2016
Gabe Brown
Steven Careau
Isabel Piazza
Joseph Yetto
Opening reception Saturday May 28th from 4-6pm.
Art has a unique ability to pull us into a moment--a place outside of time and distractions where new experiences and insights can unfold. All artists work to draw the viewer in; Here-and-Now at Thompson Giroux Gallery in Chatham presents four -- Gabe Brown, Steven Careau, Isabel Piazza, and Joseph Yetto.

Gabe Brown’s colorful paintings suggest landscapes, but of the interior kind.  Recognizable images co-exist with abstractions, patterns, and geometric shapes, as if the world has revealed all of its hidden layers to her. Balancing pure, painterly instincts with assured, intuitive investigation, Brown creates vistas that beckon.

Steven Careau’s monochromatic works on paper, created with plaster, agricultural lime and india ink, are abstract by definition, but their sweeping gestures-- contained by frayed and faded brushstroke edges and made tactile by his use of materials-- are anything but theoretical.  Subtle and evocative, each piece is a resting place-- a quiet, meditative space where impressions can gather and diffuse. 

Isabel Piazza’s dense and detailed drawings employ detail and repetition.  As a textile designer Piazza uses textures and patterns found in nature as inspiration; in her fine-art work (a distinction she often questions and explores), she trains her eye on the endless variations inherent in those patterns.  Shadows, reflections, and imperfections are precisely rendered, opening the mysterious path where the eye connects with the heart.

Rounding out the exhibition, Joseph Yetto’s paintings go to the places we don’t—or can’t--usually see.  His explorations into the microscopic terrain of dust and detritus produce work of startling, slightly unsettling beauty, otherworldly landscapes that exist beneath our feet.  Intensive and obsessive, Yetto’s pieces invite us to follow the artist inside, then encourage us to investigate in our own way.

Through their individual visions, methods, and processes, each artist in the exhibition offers the viewer a different way to look within while being present in the moment. To be in the Here and Now.

Thompson Giroux Gallery is located at 57 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037.

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Thursday – Monday 11am to 5pm
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Closed Monday, July 4th for Independence Day
image info:
Joseph Yetto 
Bound, 2011 
Oil on panel
8" x 8"
image © Joseph Yetto

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