Exhibition Details

Blue Sky

Artist Reception Saturday July 16th 4-6pm

Adam Brent
Jeff Kell
Donna Moylan
Asya Reznikov
Robin Whiteman


Making art is a hopeful act.  The artist has the need to communicate, the desire to create something new, the willingness to take a risk.  Blue Sky at Thompson Giroux Gallery brings together five contemporary artists who aren’t afraid to ask “what-if?” as they explore possibilities and resist placing limits on their work.

Sculptors Adam Brent and Jeff Kell express themselves through unexpected connections-- leaps of logic that subvert expectations, creating new forms with their own visual language. Brent melds past and present, nostalgia and technology, by combining found ceramics with elements he designs and fabricates on a 3D printer. 

Jeff Kell’s handmade ceramic pieces, often classically inspired, layer references and commentary in a way that seems to make perfect sense until, suddenly, it doesn’t—his totems provide no easy answers to the questions they raise, rewarding an open mind. 

Donna Moylan paints her way into vivid other-worlds, acting as both guide and traveler to her out-of-body experiences. Using a wide vocabulary of symbols, images, and techniques, she creates a timeless reality where natural spirits co-exist with remnants of human culture.

Robin Whiteman also works at the intersection of human and animal worlds. Her delicate monochromatic sculptures are hybrid creatures from an unknown realm-- manifestations of the unconscious, icons of our hidden selves. 

Moving forward is a recurring theme for Asya Reznikov, who marks each change of address by creating a postcard sculpture of her previous home and then photographing it in her new environs.  Her C-prints are both whimsical and poignant, juxtaposing hope for the future with a past that can never be left behind.

Artists challenging preconceptions and ignoring expectations, creating art on their own terms—Blue Sky. 

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