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Friend of a Friend

Artist Reception Saturday August 27th 4-6pm

John Hampshire Dawn Clements
Donna Moylan - Julie Evans
Asya Reznikov Jennifer Mahlman
Michael Tong - Carter Hodgkin
Friend of a Friend at Thompson Giroux presents the work of eight artists; four are new to the gallery, each having been recommended by one of four who have shown there previously.  We asked those artists for their thoughts on who they chose:

John Hampshire’s pieces are dense with marks and lines; they appear to vibrate, cohere, and dissolve, capturing and transmitting energy.  Hampshire relates to the “intensity, obsessiveness and labor-intensive processes” of Dawn Clements’ work, as well as the “the potential monumentality of drawing that both of us seem interested in.  Each of us presents highly sustained drawings-- out from under glass and unframed, they hang right on the wall in the viewers' environment with no barriers or separation, more like paintings than drawings.”

Painter Donna Moylan draws upon memory, psychology, culture, and a lifetime of studying art; her subtle imagery creates a unique time and space of its own.  Moylan admires both the sophistication and delicacy of Julie Evans’ work: “Striking a balance between abstraction and figuration, her images are springboards for our imagination, seeming to draw on natural forms like plants, seaweed, cloud formations, or swirls of water while remaining abstract.”

Asya Reznikov, a multimedia artist whose has dealt extensively with themes of travel and female identity issues, chose her friend and studio neighbor Jennifer Mahlman: “Jennifer's work resonates with me because she explores ideas about household, domesticity and food through her unique approach to photography and collage, as well as a variety of printing processes. She also works for a lot of artists and seldom has time to make her own work--this show provided her with motivation to do that.”

Michael Tong, also a multimedia artist, works with recognizable objects and the social or political contexts they exist in, often enlisting viewers as participants in his pieces.  He invited Carter Hodgkin to show her paintings “because in her work she is able to create a visual manifestation of science; each representation is delightful to see and extremely well-executed.”

There’s nothing better than a good recommendation from a knowledgeable source—Thompson Giroux invites visitors to discover new talent and make the connections as artists become curators for Friend of a Friend.


image of Natural Border, 2016 by Donna Moylan, image copyright of the artist.

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